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The leading products are high-strength, high-conductivity heat-resistant copper alloy (glid copper) plates, strips, rods and high-purity copper and other high-purity metal materials. At the same time, Starshining produces high purity copper, high purity nickel, high purity titanium, high purity silver, high purity aluminum, high purity cobalt, high purity vanadium and other metals.

Glid Copper

Glid copper, known as alumina copper, dispersed aluminum copper, aluminum oxide copper, ceramic copper, aluminum copper, etc., has high strength, high hardness, high electrical conductivity and high softening temperature performance.

High Purity Copper

High-purity copper generally refers to metallic copper with a purity of 99.999% or more. Some properties are similar to those of gold, and have good electrical conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance and surface properties.

High Purity Nickel

High-purity nickel refers to metallic nickel having a purity of 99.99% or more. It has strong corrosion resistance, good ductility, oxidation resistance, medium hardness and ferromagnetism.

High Purity Titanium

Titanium is silver-gray metal, soft, ductile, poor in electrical and thermal conductivity, and has excellent corrosion resistance.

High Purity Silver

Silver is an important precious metal. The physical and chemical properties of silver are relatively stable, the electrical and thermal conductivity is very good, and the silver has excellent ductility.

High Purity Vanadium

High-purity vanadium is silver-colored, suitable for aerospace, superalloys in the aerospace industry, and the development of new alloys, electronic materials, and analytical standards.